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A Love Ritual
A ritual to find love

For this ritual you will need a paper red cut out heart outside on a full moon in the mood light. One red candle. Voice belief. And a picture of someone you love. Visualization.

Make sure you are outside at a full moon in the light of the moon. Take the red cut out hart and hold it. Light the candle. Visualize the person you love being together with you. Take the picture and burn it; hold onto the ashes. Say: "Oh Goddesses of love, I ask of you to make (name of person you love) fall in love with me." Say this while holding the heart. Burn the heart, and blow the ashes away with the picture's ashes. Wait for them to go to the sky. Then say: So mote it be. (Do this if you can on a windy night it'll help the ashes blow away better).


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