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Respect and the Wolf Path
Just another part of the wolf path and I believe I used legacy chronicles as well.

Respect and the Wolf

Those Practitioners following the wolf path follow the belief that ?those that demand respect the most disserve it the least?. Those that are truly respectable are automatically respected without the need to request or demand it. The theory that one can give verbal demands of respect is only found among those incapable of being respected in any means.

Those that are respectable and conduct themselves accordingly should always be respected. Those that are disrespectful to either themselves or others are given zero tolerance and should be removed from the circle immediately to preserve the group. If they are not gotten rid of, they will destroy what you will create.

If one holds the belief that he or she deserves respect yet is not attaining it, one may ask oneself if he or she has respect for him or herself then and if the Practitioner acknowledges others are worthy of respect by them. In continuance, one may ask what actions he or she has taken making him or her worthy of respect and if the wolf is actually conducting him or herself with a sense of respect others will view and acknowledge as noteworthy.

Wolf bible, maybe Legacy chronicles, I can't recall.


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