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Prayer to Lucifer
Just a prayer.

We pray the, this morning this hour, We heed thy ways in all their power.

Misrepresented you stand as the devil or Satan as they know not your true name, Your child stand unfettered by it all, as we know the truth from the glimmering flame.

We see the inaccuracies in those with little knowledge believing they know what is true, though what they possess is false belief and how we know they don?t know you.

Those of us of true knowledge see your symbol in the sky, we let not the ignorant move us or listen not to their lie.

From the commencement to the present day, in your children?s heart the knowledge will stay.

We invoke the for knowledge, we invoke the for power, we know when your symbol can be found and in what hour.

We shall not be shaken by the uninformed or fallow what they do, We know you are not the devil or Satan and we know how to find you.


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