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A Ritual to Summon a Faerie Tree Spirit
A ritual to summon a faerie spirit. A faerie is basically a fairy. It won't be physical though as it's a spirit. Also they are mischievous creatures. Also they don't like to be summoned so you better has a good reason to summon them.

What you will need for this ritual is a tree for this spell, a little bit of honey or something else sweet and natural, a natural area with trees, your voice to say the spell, and daytime (my suggestion is to be in a forest). You have to be alone, though animals don't count as they are part of nature.

Go to a forest with some trees. Get a little bit of honey and put it on the tree, then sit down and visualize a faerie coming and taking the honey. It won't disappear so don't expect it to. St there silently for a few minutes, then say: "Oh nature spirit, I ask of thee to come here to this time and place. Accept my offering and come here. So mote to be." Leave the place and come back about three days later and then you should feel a presence. Then tell the faerie your reasons for summoning them. 


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