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What is an article?
It will explain what an article is. Can help you make one if you read this.

What is an article? Articles can help us inform, for example, mediation could be one. A ritual is another one, too. Sometimes, we put spells on the article, which is okay. Not all articles will be rated 5 stars, like my first article, "Meditation on improving your magic/abilities", I thought I wouldn't get any stars (I really didn't expect any), at all. But when I checked on the articles, there was 4 stars already. So, what is the point I'm pointing out? Don't try to make an article just to get 5 stars. You don't need the 5 stars just to have the best article in your coven, you just put your article to inform about a topic you wish to inform. So, if you want to put up a topic about something, like how I typed this article, do it! This is my 4th article already anyways. So, if you do feel like putting up an article, try it! You can help out your own coven.



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