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Wart Charming
Ways in which warts were removed in the old days by Alraun

Wart Charming is one of the oldest forms of cunning folk magic. Here are three examples of charms used to remove warts; Groundsel Charm Take a piece of Groundsel(Senecio vulgaris) and rub the juice of this upon each wart possessed by the client. Give the plant to the patient who must throw it backwards over their head and walk away, not looking back. Then bury the herb where it lands. As it rots, so the warts will fade. Hazel Stick Charm Cut a stick of hazel and carve one notch for each wart the client possesses. Touch each notch to each corresponding wart and then give the stick to the client. Tell them to take the stick to a crossroads at midnight and bury it. As it rots, so the warts shall fade. New Moon Apple Charm Buy a new apple on the New Moon and on the day after, or as soon as you see the moon appear cut a slice from the apple and rub each wart with it while looking at the moon. Say; "What I see is growing, what I rub is going". Bury the piece of apple and as it rots so your warts shall fade. Sources: Old European cunning lore.


By Alraun


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