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Gem Therapy
Healing using gems.

Gem Therapy




Gem therapy is basically healing with crystals or precious stones. This is a very differentiated topic, because just about every book out there will have something different to say about every crystal or stone. This is because crystals or precious stones correspond to planets, but not all stones correspond to merely 1 planet. No object in the world is ever pure Saturn or just the Moon. All of them have certain traits and properties, but they are assigned the planet which shares the most properties or by applying different scales.




Due to this difference of opinions when it comes to crystals or precious gems we aren't always certain which crystal does what. So if you have a book on crystals and precious gems and you like working out of that by all means go for it. If you use the properties assigned to crystals in some of the other articles on this site, you are more than welcome to do that as well. However, a general method practiced by those who are not sure or they find too many differences in the different works presented by people, may of course go about Gem therapy or crystal healing, based on color. This principle was practised by the Ancient Druids.




This means that we assign whatever healing property a color has, to gems of the same color. In my article on Color Healing I did state which color has which healing attributes so one may refer to that as a basic, or simply use the few gems and their attributes assigned by color, which I will give below.




To heal a person or a part of a person, you should place the appropriate gem/s on the are for about 30 minutes a day, or have the person wear the appropriate gem/s in the form of a pendant or a ring. E.g. Susan has been having irregular menstrual periods for ages now, and it is really becoming inconvenient for her. Thus suggest she wears a yellow jasper pendant to help regulate her menstrual periods. (Color yellow is derived from my article on Color Healing. Yellow is good for bowels, intestines, fear, sadness, insomnia, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, and menstrual problems.)




Just a note: Many people disregard Gem therapy or Crystal healing because crystals are generally expensive. However, please remember that not all crystals are expensive and that the cheaper crystals work just as good as the expensive crystals. E.g. Instead of buying a Diamond because it helps with toothaches, get a Agate which can help as well. Or if you have made up your mind and you don't like Gem therapy go have a Clove XD




Gems and their Attributes:



Agate : Brown


Helps gum problems and proects one's vision




Amber : Yellow, Orange


Improves eyesight, deafness, dysentery, throat problems, hay fever or similar symptoms, asthma




Amethyst: Purple, Blue/Violet


Helps alleviate drunkenness, helps achieve peace of mind.




Beryl : Green, Yellow, Blue, White


Helps the diaphragm and helps when it comes to liver complaints.




Bloodstone : Green or Red


Helps with hemorrhages and nose bleeds.




Carnelian : Red


Helps with hemorrhages and nose bleeds; also very effective in purifying blood.




Chrysolite : Olive Green, Brown, Yellow, Red


Helps with fevers and nightmares




Coral : Red, White


Can stop bleeding, can help with digestive disorders, epilepsy especially in children, helps with ulcers, scars and sore eyes.




Diamond: White, Yellow, Blue


Helps with coughs, lymph system, toothaches, insomnia, and convulsions.




Emerald: Green


Great for eye diseases and is also a general healer. I said this in my article on Color Healing as well, when in doubt, go for green!




Garnet : Red


Helps with Anemia and blood diseases




Jade: Green


Helps with kidney diseases and urinary problems, stomach pains or stomach related problems, purifying blood, helps strenghthen muscles, and also good for eye diseases.




Jasper: Yellow, Green


Helps with stomach problems and nervousness




Lapis: Deep blue sometimes Azure, Blue/Violet, Green-Blue


Lapis Lazuli or Lapis Linguis : Helps attune to higher spiritual vibrations and connection with the divine. Helps increase vitality and strength and can aid in curing eye diseases.


Lapis Ligurius: Helps with cholera and rheumatism.




Moonstone : Light blue, tends to resemble Opal


Helps with any "watery" disturbances and gives strength.




Opal: Red-Yellow, Black, Dark green


Helps with heart and eye problems. Also provides protection and brings harmony.




Pearl: White


Helps with alleviatin anger due to its soothing qualities.




Ruby : Red


Helps with pain, TB, colic, boils, ulcers, poison, eye problems and constipation.




Sardonyx: Red, Brown/ish -Red, Black


Helps both mentally and emotionally because it banishes negativity and bring harmony and happiness.




Sapphire: Blue/Violet


Helps with eyes, biols, rheamatism, and colic.




Topaz: Yellow-White, Green, Blue, Red


Helps with vision hemorrhages and bleeding.




Turquoise: Blue, Blue-Green, Green


Helps with vision, and is said to promote youth.




This will be all for this article. I hope you liked it and Blessed Be!



Source: Raymond Buckland - Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft


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