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Sigil Magick
A brief explanation on how to perform sigil magick.

Sigil magick can be used to achieve a wish or goal, as well as other things. The process is simple enough:

1. Focus on intent or wish.

2. Write your intent or wish in a single sentance. Avoid the use of the words 'want' or 'wish' Rewrite until satasfied.

3. Remove all vowels and repeating letters from sentance.

4. Combine all remaining letters into a pattern and begin reducing it into a simpler image. The finished image must be 'perfect' to you.

5. Cast your sigil. To do so, an intense, transcendental exeperience is required. This can be pain, orgasm, meditation, etc. Combine the intense experience and focus on sigil. Project it into the cosmos. Once done, destroy and forget about your sigil. Your wish or intent will be realized soon.

NOTE: Sigils also are used to summon entities.

Blessed be!


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