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Vampyre fact or fake 5
This is to help distinguish real and imagined.

Do Vampyres have reflections? Yes they do and some rather like to look at it often. How many people do you that like there reflection? See any teenagers lately? That should answer that question.

Are Vampyres the people you see living the lifestyle? Some may wish to dress in a manner which reflects the image portrayed in folklore, however some don?t. Of course some in the OtherKin community like to dress as fairies or gnomes so, what can I say. Personally, I enjoy renaissance type decor, although I don?t dress that way, just having it in my home will surface.

Do Vampyres have fangs? Sure, if they have implants or the like. Some everyday people have elongated canine teeth, so I?m sure there may be a Vampyre out there that have natural teeth like that as well. A Vampyre may where fangs based on the image it demonstrates to others although most that do are teenagers or adults with the same mentality. While there?s nothing wrong with this, some (vamp and humans alike) tend to look at it as pretentious, eccentric or even weird.


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