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Empathy V Clairsentience
This is the basic difference of the above.

Empathy V Clairsentience

An Empath can feel others emotions and Clairsentience is the ability to feel another?s emotions as well. The difference between them is that those with Clairsentient abilities are able to identify the feelings (also at time considered thoughts) and or emotions felt from others are not of the Practitioners own. Clairsentience is a higher form of Empathy.

When a Practitioner begins to learn Empathy he or she is usually unable to distinguish between his or her feelings and that of others. Those people born with the empathic ability often struggle with emotions, unable to understand what the person is doing. As time progresses and a person begins to become aware of the actions and begins to learn about them, the person begins to identify the emotions are not his or her and belong to another. Whether the other is a person, plant or animal seems not to matter


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