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Vampyre fact or fake part 4
More ways to determine the validity of information. It's more of a critics review.

Part 4

Do Vampyres come out only at night? Yeah, No. Many may be more nocturnal than other people and may prefer to work night shifts instead of dayshifts, most of the Vampyres life is lived during the daylight hours just like other people. If you think about it, there are more employment opportunities? during the day. There are many 9-5 jobs out there, although there are few 11pm -7am jobs. Vampyres have to pay rent and cable too you know.

Do Vampyres require less sleep than others? The answer to this is truly unknown. In general, people need between 6-9 hours of sleep per night depending on age and health status. I can say when I was working 16 hour shifts, raising my child, going to college, and making sure my child and I made it to martial arts practice 4 times a week, I got about4 hours of sleep several times a week and 8 hours of sleep on the days I didn?t work double shifts (which was not often and I still had college). I kept the pace up for several years and functioned fine. I did have a schedule on occasion at work when I was working 4 different conveyance stores so I could remember where I was supposed to be and when and I forgot to cash my pay checks several times and needed my boss to remind me to take it. From personal experience, people do what they need to do to survive and the body will follow with little to no sleep. Sadly, I can?t keep the same pace now, wish I could. The below link is sleep related.

Do Vampyres sleep in coffins. I guess, if they are the extremely pretentious or eccentric type. While there?s nothing wrong with a Vampyre sleeping in a coffin, there?s nothing to prevent others from sleeping in one either. If a coffin was more comfortable than my bed and had nice soft down pillows, blankets and a feather bed, I would sleep in one too



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