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How to: Reading Tea Leaves
How to read your own tea leaves!

So you want to read your own tea leaves? Here's how:

Step 1: Get a white or almost white cup. Open a tea bag or pour some loose leaf tea into said cup, and put the kettle on. Any kind of tea works!

Step 2: Once you've poured your water, set yourself up in a quiet place, free from distractions. Sit and try to clear your mind, just like in meditation. If there is one thought or question that keeps popping up, this will be the focus of your reading.

Step 3: While the tea steeps and the leaves settle, focus on this thought, and this thought alone. Begin sipping your tea, holding the cup with your non-dominant hand. Sip until there is almost no tea left.

Step 4: Give your cup 3 good swirls. Then, cover the cup with a saucer and flip over. Wait at least 3 breaths before flipping just the cup back over, leaving the saucer.

Step 5: Starting from the handle and rotating clockwise, start to look for shapes in your tea leaves.

Step 6: Then, for each of the shapes, jot down the first meaning that comes to mind. After that, compile all your meanings into a single, solid answer.

And there you go! Thank you for reading and blessed be!


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