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Spirits and Ghosts
What are really Ghost and/or ghosts? Here i will answer that with my personal experiences.

Let's start this by saying, i've seen some ghosts. I dont know if it was showing it self willingly or not. Anyhow, i've the only one that seen ghosts in this house. And there is ghosts in the house. Thats for sure. My stepfather has been disturbed when sleeping, items has been displaced, e.t.c.

First encounter:

I saw it walking, not walking, more floating, over to my room.

I didn't see it so well, it was more a blurry floating ball than a person, but the next time i saw it, or Albusa and Parvula, as i now call THEM.

Second encounter:

I woke up, in my little room. Then i see them. Not with so much detail, but i could see that there was a woman in a white dress, with a girl, also in a white dress. They vanish as i watch them. They were there that moment, but not the next.


As i am the only one seeing them, maybe im a medium, maybe im sick, but. If the ghosts is real, then i got some good information. First encounter the ghost went to my room, and second, they were in my room. But that was weeks between those encounters, it don't make sense, or does it.

Maybe ghost don't have the sense of time like we living does, maybe they just like staring at people, or maybe i need to go

and check my mental health.


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