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Spirit Animal Summon/SAS
What the title says.

Meditate for at lest 5 min.

Think of yourself either flying through the sky, walking on the land, or swimming in the sea.

Which ever you choose, you must move in a straight path.

Call out to seek your correct animal.

You will see many, but do not choose the animals with Red or Black irises for they are demons awaiting to make your life miserable.

Keep moving until you see an animal without either of the Demonic irises.

The first animal without the evil trait is your spirit animal.

Name it, and keep on doing so if it reject the names you give it.

The animal is one of the keys to which magic you practice.

You can have as many spirit animals as possible.

If forgotten, your SA will forever be lost.

The animal will also aid you in spells and rituals.

For further info contact me, NekoBoy1115.


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