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This is a short article about Sigyn. She is the Norse Goddess of Patience and Perseverance.

Not much is known about Sigyn.

In my eyes, Sigyn is one of the strongest in the Norse Pantheon. Not because of physical strength or powerful weapons, but because of her mental strength, stability and patience.

Sigyn is known as The Child Bride and The Mourning Mother.

The Child Bride describes her as such because it was told that she wed Loki when she was a child. The two loved each other of course and they love each other today.


They call her the Mourning Mother for a totally different reason. In the lore, Loki killed Baldr. The god of light. After his murderous deed, Loki fled Asgard. The rest of the gods soon found him and gave him a number of punishments.

Sigyn now sits above Loki with a bowl, catching the poison. Everytime the bowl gets full, she turns to the side and dumps it. When the poison does hit Loki, it is said that the earth shakes rapidly.


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