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Vampire facts and side affects
A way to tell if you are a vampire without spells and side affects are real I'm a vampire so I know!

People think you mist be bitten to become a vampire its not true. You can be born a vampire no matter who your parents are. The full vampire transformation if you were born a vampire comes at about the age of twelve. Here are some side affects of being a vampire. You have a fascination in bats,you love dark colors, sometimes if you get upset you want to hurt the person or thing that made you upset,you refer to food as prey,you are always thirsty no matter how much you drink anything (unless its blood),and you hate sunlight and most bright colors.

Tips to help vampirism. What helps me (maybe not you) is drinking strawberry milk and imagining its blood it makes my thirst quenched for about 30 mins. Stay OUT OF THE SUN if it bothers you soooo much you want to faint or you feel sick. If you know other vampires who you like or people who can help you get through vampirism stick with those people!


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