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Light Body Meditation: Part 1
The first two steps in Light Body Meditation.

First Step

The first area you must focus on is the thymus gland area by visualizing a purple/blue light, like a candle flame, on the upper chest below the throat area and above the heart chakra area in the center of your body. The purple/blue flame should be visualized right there. It should be roughly the same size as a candle flame. Visualize this for 20 minutes. Then on the last ten minutes you should expand the purple/blue flame of your soul seat through your imagination to about 12 feet around you engulfing everything. During this stage you will feel warmth in that area as well as power full.

Suggestion: Try to do this everyday as you build up experience and familiarity with it. You should practice this first step until you feel comfortable enough with it to move onto the second.

Second Step

The second area of focus is at the point or area between the eye brows. Therein lies a third eye or sixth chakra. This chakra related to the hyper thymus gland, therefore visualize a little golden light the size of your thumb there for ten minutes.

Suggestion: Practice this along side the first one until you feel comfortable and familiar with them both.


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