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Reference: Seashells
Types of seashells correspondences.

Alabone: Brings good fortune and treasures. Good for meditation. Worn as an amulet for protection, or as a talisman to bring creativity. Can represent water. Can also be used to balance chakras because it shows all the colors of the rainbow.

Auger: Represents masculinity.

Clam: Represents the Goddess, used in workings of love, relationships, friendships, and emotions. Purifies.

Conch: Summoning spells, used to clear difficulties in communication and misconceptions.

Cone Shells: Protection.

Cowrie: Because this shell resembles female genitalia, it is representative of femininity. Used in any workings related to fertility, pregnancy, and menstrual difficulties. Can also be used for prosperity and money.

Limpets: Courage, confidence, physical strength.

Moon: This shell resembles a small moon. Can be used in anything concerning lunar work. Psychic awareness, peace, and purification.

Murex: The spikes on this shell suggests it is useful in workings of protection, defense, and preservation.

Nautilus: Shaped like a brain, it can be used in any work concerning mentality.

Olive Shell: Healing.

Oyster: Good fortune, love, and banishment.

Sand Dollars: Wisdom.

Scallop: All purpose, can be used in place of any other shell. Travel and movement.

Spindle: Used for meditation and inspiration.

Tooth Shell: Money.

Whelk: Used to get a handle on things, or control situations.


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