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Magical Creatures: Orcs
First in a long line of articles. Completely true considering That I am one. This took considerable effort considering That I translated an ancient text for this.

Orchs are a very ancient and powerful race. Most come into their inheritance by the age of fourteen. Orchs have Different stages of growth: Youngling lasts for about three years, Mature lasts for 10 to 12 years, Mated Last for rest of life unless their mate dies then, the go into the unnamed "Danger" stage. Orchish blood is extremely diluted now due to rapid expansion of the human race.

Orchs are nocturnal pack hunters. Meaning that at night the alpha male and the rest of the females go hunting for their favorite meat cow or deer.

Orch younglings have many inner stages. There is a stage 1 youngling where they grow their very sharp teeth. Then a stage 2 is where they become much stronger but do not change in appearance. Stage 3 is where Orchs are able to unhinge their jaw allowing for larger bite area when hunting. Stage 4 is when their ears become extremeingly


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