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Things All new Members Need To Know
Title says it all. Listen to this because this is true

#1 Ok now most new Members on spells of magic believe that the fantasy and trick spells work but they don't they are fake and don't work. Why? Well just because we all have a little magic in us doesn't change the fact we were all born human and nothing could ever change that.

#2 Now just know this isn't a role playing website and if you do it your not impressing anyone in fact your just making them annoyed and you could potentially get gagged if you continue

#3 A spell won't work if you don't believe it will work this is really important and you also need to meditate before every spell this is also really important

#4 before you go off into this website just know one more thing this isn't a dating site and if you get caught or someone finds out you will be gagged and that gag will not be removed


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