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My Path to Becoming an Adept Wiccan
As a young girl, I have taken a fancy to Wicca. This will be a series of articles explaining the journey I will be completing on my path to becoming a proficient Wiccan.

My Path to Becoming an Adept Wiccan: Discovery

I used to think about becoming a witch, having magical powers. Until I met what is now called reality. As I grew older I realized that Wicca was more than just a game. More than having powers and turning people into toads. I realized it was a thriving lifestyle, sacred to the humans on the earth who cared enough to become of it. It was a religion. And as I learned more about how it wasn't just casting spells and having powers, I became drawn to it and fascinated by it. It was lovely how humans could believe in what others thought to be impossible. I knew it wasn't. It was a religion full of kindness, belief, self-empowerment, nature, and so much more.

I knew for many years my grandmother was a Wiccan. It was extraordinary that one of my own family members was part of the religion that I cared so much about. I asked her to teach me everything she knew, she would say "When you're ready" or "Soon". I asked her why and she said "Wicca is not something to play with. It is something real and it can be dangerous". I wanted to know why. I would research it and read about it. I would spend countless nights tossing and turning thinking about it.

And then I wanted to do something about all of my madness over a religion I was longing to have. I asked my mother for tarot cards, just to take a step toward becoming a Wiccan. She agreed and took me to our local bookstore. We found a pack of cards and bought them. I've used them ever since. She then gave me her old Tarot book from when she was younger. I read it, and advanced my knowledge in tarot.

After reading up on tarot, I started to abandon Wicca. I was still too young to learn everything about it and practice it, with the addition of stress on my shoulders from school. I still wished that I could practice it. I casted a few small spells that were harmless, meditated a lot, researched herbs and mythology, and my brain was still fresh with knowledge. About a year later, over the summer, my mother and grandmother started telling me more about Wicca. They shared their stories with me, and I was happy, finally satisfied. My mother told me I had another year to go before I was ready to start practicing and when I was responsible. I nodded my head in silence, not arguing with her.

Finally, when I turned thirteen I was extremely happy to find out I could practice witchcraft after months and 5 years of torture without it. I went down to the same local bookstore where I got my tarot cards just a year before. I came across a book, Wicca by Thea Sabin. I searched up websites online where Wiccans came together.

I found spellsofmagic.com. A place where I could communicate with other Wiccans, instead of being the only Wiccan I knew besides my mother and grandmother. And that is where My Path to Becoming an Adept Wiccan began...

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