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Wishing Ritual
A ritual to let you wish for anything

You will need:

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet flower petals

A small, crystal bowl

A filter



Red, silk handkerchief

Small, glass bottle


Collect all of the petals, and place them in a dry, crystal bowl. Put the bowl into the sunlight, and keep it there for at least a week, and then only take it off when it rains. After it rains, take the petals out of the bowl, and put them on a red silk handkerchief. Go outside, and fill the bowl with rainwater. Once you get back inside, quickly pour the water into the filter, and put the bowl underneath it, so the filtered water drips into the bowl. While doing this, chant this over and over again. The more times you can chant it before the water completely filters through, the better.

I will use this wishing spell, to turn the bowl into a wishing well.

Once all of the water has dripped through, pour the water into the small, glass bottle, and close it with a cork. When you want to make a wish, pour some water into the crystal bowl, and crumple up the dry, petals that refer to your wish. Example: red-love wish, blue-all-purpose wish, green-life wish, etc. Repeat the chant while you crush the dry petals into the water. After 24 hours, your wish will come true.


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