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What is fake and real in witchcraft
It all says it in the title

Most people don't know what is true and what is false in witchcraft or any other religion. Magick goes with science so what is opposed of science there is no way It can correspond with magick. It just what it is. So for example a werewolf, vampire,or a mermaid they are not real and it would always be it.You are human and always be human. So don't believe what people say that they are something else. I have been in that path and I got myself out of that path. Some people also believe in telekinesis or mind reading or even teleporting. It is all fake. So what is real in magick??? Well it is true that we do spells but some use spells less than others including myself while others don't do spells at all. For some examples of what people do in witchcraft is:

•Spirit-Works (contacting spirits)

•Tarot cards (the use of cards to tell things)

•Astrial Projection (out-of-body experience)


So I hope that this article helped a little bit with some people on what is and is not real. If you have have any questions, comments or concerns please mail me.

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