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Get rid of the spirits that bother you.
This ritual worked for me, got rid of the spirits that bothered me.

What you need


2 dried rose petals


1 bowl

1 container

Some water (like Holy, Tap, or Moon no specific amount)

Glitter (no specific kind)


First- take your bowl, add the water and dried rose petals.

Let that sit for about 4 hours

Second- remove the rose petals, but KEEP them, you will need them later!

Third- now add the glitter to your water

Forth- let water evaporate, may take a few hours to a few days

Fifth- now crush your rose petals in the glitter.

Sixth- put your final product into a little container

Seventh- take this outside and sprinkle in your front yard a line close to your house, and chant "go away, leave me be, never to see, so mote it be" (or you could sprinkle on the windows and door) but ONLY do this in the front!


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