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Making a easy Moon Or Sun Water!
Tells you how you make Moon/Sun water! This water helps with lots, healing, energy, third eye opening, beauty etc

You will need: Water

Bottle or bowl (metal if possible).

Ginger if making Sun water

Rosemary if making Moon water


And of course, belief!

Step 1: Gather water in your bottle or bowl/container.

From the tap will do but if you can get water from a stream or a natural source that is excellent! You can choose to charge the water if you like, as it might be more effective.

Step 2: Place the bowl/bottle on a clean surface. Chop or grate (whichever you prefer) Ginger, if making Sun Water. If you choose to make Moon water, put in the Rosemary. Stir clockwise three times. State your intention. What do you want this water to help with?

Step 3: You may choose now to put the water in a clear container if it isn't in one already. Depending on the water, put it on a windowsill where there is Sunlight/Moonlight. If its Sun water then leave it to that night before you go to bed and drink it, if its Moon water then leave till the morning, where you will wake up and drink it.

This has worked for me many times. It opened my third eye and I could actually feel it opening! Please do mail me if this works or you have questions! - Lol


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