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Calling of the Elements
A ritual to sue when you need to summon the power of the elements before a spell.


1. Rock/ Something to represent the Earth element

2. Glass of water/ Something to represent the water element

3. A fan/ Something to represent the air element

4. Candle/Something to represent the fire element

5. Dandelion, Wormwood, Aloe, Eucalyptus, and/or Fern

6. Orange oil

Start by finding a calm place where you can connect to the elements. A backyard or grassy meadow is good, because you are connected to the Earth (soil), air (wind), and maybe even the water(rain) elements.

Take your herbs and/or oil, and sprinkle them into a pentagram shape. Sit inside the pentagram, and give yourself a few moments to relax.

Anoint your forehead with your orange oil, which will bring you good fortune in your magic making.

Feel the grass with your hands, feel the breeze roll across your face, pick up some soil even. Take some time to connect with the elements.

Pick up each elemental item one bye one, and call upon the spirits using a chant.

Sprinkle some herbs onto each item after you finish a chant, and transfer your energy to the items by handling them gently.

Finish off your ritual by thanking the elements.


Using this _________* please, O great _____** element spirit, grant your great powers to me. Using them to bring spiritual balance for thy, for the moment, please make them mine.


Thank you, for lending your power to me. Now after it's done I will set you free.

*Item used to represent element; rock, glass of water, candle, fan

**Elemental spirit; water, air, fire, Earth


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