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Spellcasting Time
A guide for casting spells in correspondence with the moon phase and day of the week

Cursing - Tuesday/Saturday, Waning/Dark Moon

Protection - Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, Waxing/Full Moon

Cleansing - Saturday, Waning Moon/Blue Moon

Banishing - Saturday, Waning Moon/Dark Moon

Binding - Tuesday/Saturday, Waning Moon/Full Moon

Healing - Thursday/Sunday, Full Moon/Blue Moon

Enhanced psychic power - Monday, Full Moon/Blue Moon

Love/Friendship - Friday, New Moon/Waxing Moon

Success - Sunday, Waxing Moon/Blue Moon

Luck - Wednesday, Waxing Moon/Blue Moon

Wealth - Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday, Waxing Moon

Peace - Monday, Waning/New Moon

Courage/Strength - Tuesday, Waxing/Full Moon

Intelligence/Wisdom - Monday/Wednesday, Waxing/Full Moon


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