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Lucid Dreaming
This article is about what lucid dreaming is and how you can achieve it.

Lucid dreaming is knowing when you're dreaming. I'm personally a very lucid dreamer and I'm here to share how I did it.

What I did:

First, I read about many ways to achieve lucid dreaming. Then I picked a tactic that worked (for me anyway): I wrote an A on my palm (standing for awake) and every time I saw it during the day I thought of 3 ways how I knew I was awake. (Example: not falling through walls) and the A soon was in my dreams. When I saw it, I was unable to think of 3 ways of how I was awake and therefore knew I was dreaming.

Other ways to do it:

1. Magick, which is obviously why I made this article. There are some spells you can use to achieve lucid dreaming.

2. Meditation. This clears your mind and stirs your consciousness.

Hope this helps you achieve lucid dreaming!!



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