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Necromantic Evocation
Here is a ritual that I came across in a book that was very old. User beware of the ramifications.



Step One: 

Start by placing the candles in a circle around you and making sure they are spaced amongst each other evenly. Next, sprinkle you table salt or sea salt around the inside of the candles making two circles. Sea salt works better for this ritual, but table salt will do fine. Sprinkle your white flour around the outside of the candles forming a third circle. Make sure to not step in the flour. 


Step Two:

Once your three circles have been laid, get your bowl and place the finger nails into them. Place the skull directly in front of the bowl below the candle which is in the top middle of the circle. Point both index fingers of the deceased to the skull forming an “A” like shape. 


Step Three:

Light all five candles starting with the top middle and lighting them counter-clockwise. While you are lighting the candles, visualise your borders becoming stronger and stronger to protect those who are inside the circle.


Step Four:

Once you have your circle cast, you are ready for your Necromanctic Evocation.


Step Five:

Call on the person by saying his or her name out loud. You can only evoke the person if you have their skull and fingers.

Once he or she has been summoned, you may continue to discuss what you wish to with the dead person. You may divine, ask for help, protection, cursing, binding, and so on.


Step Six:


To end this circle, dismiss the dead person and blow out every candle saying, “I release you”. Leave your circle for a day or two, sweep it up and bury the skull and fingers in the ground until you wish to use them again.


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