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{under supervision}Zues lightning
Used for an instant power for sometime {very dangerous}.

Hi you must heard about Zues Roman God zues is famous for his power and brutality

This spell is casted for an instant power{try at your own risk }

Things you need

1:Cup /bowl

2:A Room with scattering light

3:any sharp object ( knives will be great)

4:a paper

5:any type of liquid ink


1:speak this prayer 4 times

Oh God of all' the brutality of your sword

I'll wanna be your slave and guard

Give me the power of thunder

To fall any Olympus and humans

Give me the power of your hands

And your sword so accept this

And bless your slave

After speaking this prayer dip knife ink

And rub it on paper to make A "X" after this fold the paper

And burn (not in rooom) or throw it to any river or lake


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