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psychic powers
i'll explain common psychic powers that you might have and are not aware of.

Now in this article i'll explain psychokinetic power. There are two types of psychokinetic powers.

1: ESP. ESP is extra sensory perception. it is knowing things that shouldn't normally be known, this is accomplished by means of a special ability. Clairvoyance and Telepathy falls into this category.

2: PK. PK on the other hand, is the force of will. Moving objects by willing them to move in your head. This is further divided into three categories : PK-MT, PK-ST and PK-LT

PK-ST: This is the power to affect static targets. Spoon bending falls into this category.

PK-MT: This is the power to affect moving targets, such as rolling a dice and willing it to land on a specific number

PK-LT: This is the power to affect living targets. So in other words. If one were to invoke a curse upon somebody like cursing them to death. it will happen. That person will die of an accident such as walking in front of a speeding car.

This concludes Psychic powers. For now...

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