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How to make a Mermaid Spell
This article explains how to make a mermaid spell. It also tells how to bless the spell which will probably make it work.



1.Start by stating it to someone. Ex.Witches of Sea and Air, Mermaids, Goddesses of the Sea.

2.Tell your wish. Ex. I wish to be a mermaid, I wish to have a tail, I wish to get a tail 10 seconds after I touch water

3.Tail and Powers. Tell what color tail and powers. Ex. I want a (color) tail and (powers), I want a (color) and (color) tail and the powers of (powers)

4.How long do you want this to happen? Ex. I will get my tail in 1 day and powers in 2 days, I will get my tail and powers next full moon

5.Thank them. Ex. Thank you Goddesses of the Sea/Witches of Sea and Air/Mermaids for granting my wish

6.Always add "So mote it be!"


Blessing the Spell


Write down the spell then hold the paper/book/etc. close to your chest and say "Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, I call on you to make this spell magic. So mote it be!"


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