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The triangle of solomon
What is the triangle of solomon ? You ask?

The triangle of solomon is the second most important tool for the conjuring magicican next to the magical circle. The triangle of solomon is used in conjunction with the magic circle. It is to sit outside the magic circle just a few feet away. It is used in the conjuring of the denonic or celestial/angelic spirits. It is in this triangle that they Will appear and are forced to obey. Why will it make them obey?

Beacuse it has 3 sacred named of god

Tetragrammaton, primeumaton and anaphaxeton one on each side and it has the name Michael ( archangel Michael ) which is split into 3 sections MI-CHA-EL. This contains the spirit from escaping and compels them to obey. This does not mean in Every case they are going to obey you!


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