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Moon Entities
A basic description of Moon beings and how to work with them.

Moon entities are any being (Spirit, God, Angel, Demon, etc.) that corresponds to the moon.

Moon beings are best called at night. Moon deities in specific are much less willing to aid you in the daytime.

Purposes: Moon entities are helpful in magick relating to dreams, wisdom, illusions, emotion, and the subconscious mind.

Characteristics: Moon entities are typically feminine, have a comforting and dreamy presence, and a white/silver glow.

Calling: Set up the symbol of the moon entity with a candle and some incense. Write your questions and place them in the middle of your altar. Meditate or go to sleep, the answers shall be given to you in visions and/or dreams. If you wish to do an evocation/invocation, simply get their symbol, light a candle, and stare at the symbol. Relax your mind and repeat their name in your head. You will start to feel their presence slowly build and they will be fully formed when you see the candle flicker, smoke shift, or notice your vision cloud. Now you can make any requests or offerings. Incense is optional but helps greatly.

Appropriate Offerings: Offerings can be made to get these entities on your side, show your devotion, and as an exchange for their services.

Note: Any offerings you give to the entities must never be used for worldly purposes after you give them. This will anger the entities. Below are some favorites of moon beings

Best of luck my friends, and many great blessings!


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