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Spirit Guides And How To Find Yours
I know that a commonly asked question is "how do I find my spirit guide?" Well I am here to answer it.

At one point I struggled in guidence,because I lived in a very anti community and I could not find out what my sport guide was. So I want to help you in anyway I can.

What Is A Spirit Guide?

A spirit guide is someone or something on the spiritual plane that guides you through your practice and sometimes in your personal life. Spirit guides are like best friends that will never ditch you.

How Do I Find My Spirit Guide?

Well first you need to go into your astral sanctuary (basicly the place you go to during meditation) and walk around a bit until you are comfortable. Next say " I welcome you entity that guides me, to come and sit with me."

You may need to do this on different days if nothing happens.

Also if nothing happens don't be discouraged maybe the time just isn't right or your guide is there but doesn't want to be seen.


Guides are like people, they feel emotions so please be nice. With that in mind you also must remember that sometimes they don't talk because they or shy, or because they might be an animal.

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