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To Dismiss or Add Your Father's Culture and Relatives?
We should choose if we want to be from our father's ethnic race, and if his relatives are our family too!

People should choose if their father's relatives are their family, if their father's cultures are theirs too. With the mother, I think that's fine too, but I'm mostly focusing on the father; not for discriminatory, but for sensible reasons that stem from my own personal experience.

This is an idea that I believe, in 2020, will be endorsed better and all the more, but I am unsure.

For example, the Navajo Indians only traced descent from the mother, being very patriarchal.

Did you know that Navajo children could decide if their father's family was their family or not, or if they came from their father's culture?

And in Ancient Egypt, back when they worshiped the Goddess Isis and even the God Osiris, they considered the mother as the only parent. (This may not be true for all families and situations, I admit, but it certainly is for me.)

Only when patriarchal, woman-hating intruders came in did this change. And although matriarchal, Egypt DID respect men and had their own male-based aspects.


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