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Gemini Magic
What is Gemini Magic? What is the Gemini Path? Find out here.

The Gemini Witches believe in the Power, like most witches do. The Power has many names. White magic, witchcraft, and magick are the most common names the Power is also referred to as. So, what is the Gemini Power?

Like most beliefs, in order to have Power, you need a celestial or magical occurrence to draw from. It could be a simple talisman, or magical blood passed down. It could be a full moon, or a comet. But the Gemini belief is none of those. Gemini Witches pull from the power of twins. Non-twin Gemini Witches can choose the Gemini Path, but it takes a major spell or ritual to activate the True Gemini Power. Choosing the Gemini Power, is called Choosing the Gemini Path. As for twins, all they need to do is Activate or Awaken (both terms are accurate and equally used in the Gemini Society.) To Awaken your basic Powers, see my spell, "Activate Your Power".

As I am new to spellsofmagic.com (as of Dec. 30, 2016) I am still working on getting an online Gemini Coven, but when it is ready, I am excited for new Witch* arrivals!

Please contact me for the Gemini Power Awakening Ritual. :)


Elysia "geminiwitch"

*Please note that it is impossible for a vampire or a werewolf to become a part of the Gemini Witches, unless they are a twin, because all Power they have would be Activated as a werewolf or vampire already.


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