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Greek gods part 2
This is the second part to the article I did before.

After Kronos swallowed the stone , Rhea brought Zeus to a island where he was raised by nymphs , a bee , and a goat . Zeus wailed so loudly that Rhea feared his father would hear him so she brought army of warriors to the island that banged on their shields loudly enough to drown him out. Eventually , Rhea came back to the island many years later. She told Zeus about what his father had done , and Zeus went up to his fathers palace. There he became his wine bearer , and after Kronos began to trust him he fed him a mixture of mustard and wine so foul he barfed out Zeus's older siblings . They all went to free the Cyclposes and the Hundred Handed Ones, who created gifts for the men. To Zeus they gave lightning ,Poseidon a trident that shook the earth itself, and Hades a helmet that concealed the wearer and made them slip into the shadows themselves. The gods went to war with the Titans and eventually succeeded , when Zeus cut there father into a million pieces and threw them into Tartarus . After that began the age of the gods.


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