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Solomon secrets
this is about the keys and the ways to control a demon from the lesser keys of Solomon.

Solomon was a wealthy man but just like other rulers he had a scary side but its not scary if you learn it this is your first lesson this is the seal he used to control his demon it is called the seal of Solomon it look like the Jewish star with in a circle with dots next to the corner in the circle his was his safety rails in his summoning just stay in it and you will be safe if you are starting summoning i suggest you do it in the circle next you need to know the main and lesser keys these keys will allow you to have somewhat control of the demons along with your will that what the demons used to get you if you have a stronger will then them they can't get you but if they do get back in that circle quickly i can't stress this any more than this they can kill you if you don't meet there approval well the higher keys will do that next time i will teach you how to summoning them but let me leave you with this don't get a hot head when you summoning them some of these guys are generals so be careful.


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