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How to set up a Witchcraft Room
This teaches you how to set up a little witchy area in your house.

1.Find a room. Obviously. Pick one that isn't too small. Make sure it has at least one window*

2.Cleanse the area. Make sure there are no negative spirits interrupting your craft.

3.Set up an altar. Of course! This is a very important step.

4.Get a desk. This is for writing spells or making potions

5.Get some shelves. You need somewhere to keep books, potions, and more.

6.Get a couch/chair (optional). Doing magick is tiring and drains your magick, so you need rest.

7.Leave some room in the corner. Testing potions, spells, and other things can get messy, and you don't want to mess up your things.

8.Add decorations(optional). I would add posters and other things to promote witchcraft

*The reason for the window is for testing things, letting magickal objects charge, creating moon water, or just simples stargazing or its hot and you need air


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