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Spirit Work P.1 (prep)
Spirit Work is extremely important for people who identify as "hedge" witches and can be an extremely helpful tool!

Ways to Contact Spirit

-Astral Projection Here is a spell

-Divination such as tarot, pendulum, and any other other type of divination that you practice.

-Imagination! never underestimate the power of your own mind to contact the other side!

How to Prepare

First, you should always ground and center yourself before doing any kind of magick work. This can be done in many ways.

-Dance! Get your physical body moving with the earth!

-Meditation. Begin by getting comfortable... light candles and incense and make your space feel as "witchy" as possible. Most of all make sure you're comfortable! Next, imagine roots growing down from your body into the earth and grounding you deep. If you wish, you can imagine all of your bad energy flowing out of you into the earth. To center yourself, imagine a white ball of energy glowing and swirling in your chest then exploding out into a barrier of energy around you! When you're done, you should be able to walk outside of the barrier and feel the difference in energy!


Cleanse your space, whether it be with sage or an energy cleaning. This is extremely important! You may want to call upon or invoke the four elements, cardinal directions, the god and godess, or perhaps any others deity that you worship!


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