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Funeral for animals
Warning! Involves dead animals!

Today I performed a ceremony for a deceased five year old female husky named Fiona( I was surprised because my pendulum has the same name). Fiona had died in a yard near by and her bones were scattered everywhere. With her permission.. Now I will explain the way I got confirmation from this animal. Animals when they are a spirit and no longer of the physical plane have many ways of talking to a person if they are trained to listen. I used my intuition and my pendulum to actually make contact with her. She showed me where all of her bones were.

I then took a plastic bag a filled it with her bones. I let her choose where to be buried and proceeded from there.

I dug a hole with my knife(I don't have a shovel) and placed her remains in the hole then covered them with the soil. After that I took several large stones and placed them on top neatly and purposely according to my traditions.

Then I stood up and prayed over her grave.

And repeated this incantation.

"Now is the time. Let her go in peace" over and over again.

And I blessed her spirit and then asked the angels to protect her and guide her as she passed over.

Now I do not know exactly what most people believe is the right way to to this kind of ceremony. But I know the tradition I was taught and that is what I went by. I also will follow tradition and place flowers at her grave on the first of the month.


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