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Yo-Kai Watch summon ritual
If you have a Yo-Kai Watch that embeaded to your soul, well every Yo-Kai Watcher (that's the official name for people who has a Yo-Kai Watch) the way to do it is to summon the energy of the 8 tribes, but only Yo-Kai Watch experts can also harness the power of the Legendary Yo-Kai to enhace the power of this ritual

stand in a circle formed by your fellow Yo-Kai Watch fans holding hands with each other, then summon the energy of the 8 Yo-Kai tribes, in this order: Eerie, Mysterious, Tough, Brave, Slippery, Shady, Heartful and Charming, then, sing the theme song for the Yo-Kai Watch movie, then you'll begin to glow and then you'll earn the Yo-Kai Watch, along with the Yo-Kai Medallium, with the medal you've earn so far


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