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Hex Breaking / Victory Operation
This operation is meant to neutralize a hexed or bewitched or cursed condition. The items required are: 7 black or 7 white candles,; incense made up of garlic, ginger, red pepper powders; and consecrated olive oil.

Anoint yourself with the concentrated oil, and light the incense. While you are kneeling down, light 7 candles around you, then read Isaiah 47. Then read Psalms 8, 14, 28 and 110 to the four elemental directions. Then say this prayers:

"O Eternal Father, Eternal Son and Eternal Spirit, I seek refuge under the shadows of thy wings; cleanse my body and spirit, and also protect me.....(mention your name) from the evil people that are afflicting me, arise O Lord, disappoint them, and confound their evil machinations and enterprises to nothing. Show thy power and mercy on me, that is bound in fetters of oppression. Set me up in thy kingdom of light, that victory may be mine, that through thy merciful guidance, I may be found to walk and live after thy will and pleasure through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. "

After the prayer, allow the candles to burn down.


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