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Water Your Roots: A Grounding Exercise
This visualization exercise is designed to help to balance, ground and allow your energy to flow in a smooth manner throughout your body. I use this method when I am anxious or nervous and sometimes when I am just not feeling like myself.

Things to Remember When Grounding


Take your time and be patient with yourself.  If you are new to using visualizations, it may seem to be strange and perhaps a little difficult to picture energy flowing through your body.  Take your time, be kind to yourself, and go at your own pace.


To Begin


Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit, where you will not be interrupted by people or pets.  Feel free to put on some calming music, chants or nature sounds, whatever it is that helps you to relax and focus.


Relaxing Your Muscles and Body


This part you may have to go through and do more than once, depending on how easily you find you are able to relax.  Most days I only need to go through this once, but there are days that I find I have a tougher time at relaxing due to other things going on in my life.  So again, be patient with yourself.


Releasing the Energy Into the Earth


For the next part of the visualization, you need to release the energy that is flowing down to your feet into the ground and into the Earth.


Bringing Balanced and Calming Energy Back Into Your Body


Now, as we all know, roots bring nutrients and water into plants and trees.  So for this part you are going to picture the clean and fresh and balanced energy coming from the earth and flowing back into your feet, up and into your own energy, balancing and grounding your energy as it absorbs into your body.


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