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Evocation of the Planetary Olympic Spirits (1)
The olympic spirits are planetary spirits that are next in rank below the planetary arch angels. They are under the domain and rule of the planetary archangels, and therefore they may be evoked through the archangels.

In spirit communication, the Olympic spirits are the best to start with because they are generally friendly, easier to communicate with, come up most times called upon without the need for several conjural recitations, and give great advice. The fact that Olympic spirits are the easiest to work with doesn't mean that they are less powerful than others. In fact they are very powerful and can help in a number of related tasks. The energies they rule correspond to the 7 magical planets, and they can best be called upon at their corresponding days and hours using the normal planetary items. The following are the 7 Olympic spirits and their planetary correspondence:

Och - Sun

Phul - Moon

Phaleg - Mars

Ophiel - Mercury

Bethor - Jupiter

Hagith - Venus

Arathon - Saturn


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