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The Days, Planets and Magical Uses
A brief summary of the days of the week, the planets associated with them and their magical uses.

Monday (Moon): Purity, spirituality, honesty, spiritual cleansing, virtue, goodness, perfection, unity, lunar power, money, psychic ability, magic, change, spirituality, invoking the goddess” aid, childbirth. Divination.

Tuesday (Mars): Physical energy, passion, strength, vitality, motivation, sexuality, movement, men’s power, men’s mysteries, anger, intensity, drive, ambition, achievement. Health, anger. Clearing the old to make way for the new. Overcoming obstacles.

Wednesday (Mercury): Knowledge, communication, the arts, mental acuity, charm, confidence, change, adaptability, acceptance, communication. Magic, knowledge, writing, speech. Healing.

Thursday (Jupiter): Luck, expansion, growth, honor, attainment, worldly power, influence, accomplishment, fulfillment. Prosperity, money, empire. Justice. Compassionate authority.

Friday (Venus): Fertility, money, prosperity, healing, hope, women’s power, women’s mysteries, sharing, bonding, the arts, grace, charm, appeal, goodness. Love, friendship, relationship, compassion. Emotions.

Saturday (Saturn): The law, limitations, binding, holding, returning, stopping, ending, internalizing, dwindling, blocking, interrupting, loss, collecting, changing, renewing, transforming. Work, stability, attention, reversals. Restrictive law.

Sunday (Sun): Solar power, success, personal empowerment, generosity, material wealth, immortality, spirituality, health, vitality, invoking the god’s aid. Joy, luck.


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