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Greek To Roman: Olympians
The following are the Greek Gods and their Roman variants. Some hard polytheists think them the same and some believe them to be completely separate Deities. Regardless to which you believe I implore you to compare them and come to your own conclusion using critical thinking.

Twelve Olympians:

Minor Olympians:


Final Notes:

You will notice where it says, "Twelve Olympians" I have included thirteen. This is because Dionysos replaces Hestia. So because she was a part of the twelve I included her at the top. Even after the fact, she is still consider an Olympian, she is just not always counted as one of the major twelve. The qualification for being considered an Olympian is simply to reside on Mount Olympos.


You will also notice Leto is included in this list. She is indeed a Titaness but she lives on Olympos thereby making her an Olympian as well. One last thing to consider is that with little subgroups such as Horai, Moirai, Mousai, etc is that I am referring to their group names rather than the individual. Some do have Roman names but their group name is what I am using.




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