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Different Types of Ghosts
A short article which explains the different classes of ghosts and their characteristics.

I bring to you the 5 types which are classified as ghosts, based on the book, "How to Hunt Ghosts by Joshua P. Warren".

1- Entities 


These are those types of ghosts that have a conscience and interact with the environment. They have conscience, they are intelligent, they are those type of ghosts that answer us when we ask, "is someone there?" This type does things on purpose, for better or worse. 


  • They are beings with a conscience.

  • They are normally deceased humans or animals.

  • They normally use the electric environment to manifest.

  • They can cause both objective and subjective experiences.


2- Imprints 

They pass through us and they seem to ignore us. They just act the same way over and over, almost like a movie that doesn't stop repeating itself. They do not interact. 


  • They don't have a conscience.

  • They can appear has humans, plants, animals or inanimate objects.

  • They show no interact with people that see them.

  • They always act the same way.

  • They can cause both objective and subjective experiences.

3- Distortions 

This is a rather complex and rare type of ghostly activity. They are cases when a place looks the fountain of all the activity.There are places on Earth where the laws of physics look distorted, and the reality sometimes acts in unfamiliar ways, creating ghostly activities. That kind of place is what we call, "Distortion". One of the most famous places on Earth is the Bermuda Triangle. 



  • Places where the conventional laws of physics may fail.

  • Places where linear time does not apply all the time.

  • Places infested with entities, imprints, and other ghostly types of activities.

4- Poltergeists 

This word became famous because of the eponymous film of 1982, the origin of that word is german and it means, "Noisy Ghost" (polter = noisy / geist = ghost), this because their manifestations are always noisy, full of doors slamming, silverware falling, cups breaking etc. Yet, with time, the meaning changed. 


  • It is dependent on the presence of a specific individual or individuals.

  • Normally has a bigger impact on objects.

  • Usually loud and sometimes even extreamly violent.

5- Naturals 

In the old days many, "weird" things that would happen were taken has ghostly activities, however as the years passed they were explained by science. 


  • A rare phenomenon that looks ghostly, but it's actually created by any unknown scientific property of Nature.


    Thank you SilentSyren for editing/contributing  this article.


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