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Emotional cleansing
This worked for me, so hopefully this will work for you too. But this is simple and easy, and it helps you feel better emotionally.

What you need:

A shower


White candles (optional)

Calmig or relaxing music (optional)


Start a warm shower, and if you are going to use candles make sure you light them and leave the lights off. If you aren't using candles then lave the lights on. When you get in the shower, take a few minutes to try and relaxe and take deep breathes. When you feel you have come to relaxe, imagine every emotion pent up inside you, coming out of your body and being washed down the drain. Imagine a white light filling and replacing the empty space from the bad emotions and make sure you are taking deep breathes. Imagine these emotions, flowing down your shoulders, your stomach, down your legs and emptying from your feet into the drain. Take this time to pamper yourself, yes. Pamper yourself. Do whatever makes you feel good on the outside and makes you take in a nice deep breath. You can take however long you want because there is no time limit, and it is pretty easy to do. 


If this works for you please message me and tell me what you thought of it.


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